Spinning plant & Doubling
At spinning mill there is a transformation of cotton fiber into yarn, occurs in spinning section where the arrived lock extend, then lead up till the necessary thickness, for durability add raising or piles and reel up on the reel.

Most spinning is done using break or open-end spinning, this is a technique where the staples are blown by air into a rotating drum, where they attach themselves to the tail of formed yarn that is continually being drawn out of the chamber.



Sizing & Warping Machine
Process of weaving production begins from warping section. There fibers from a great number of reels are warping on beam roll. Process is carried out on warping machine.

In sizing section there is drawing of a thin on a basis thread layer of gluing structure for increasing of resistibility of fibers attrition and to repeated stretching in the course of weaving. In sizing process are used both chemical and food gluing materials: as solvent water serves.



Fabric Power & Shuttle Less LOOMS
Direct production of fabric occurs in weaving section on weaving looms. In the course of weaving as a result of a consecutive interlacing of two systems of threads - warp and  weft is formed a fabric. Mills produce a gray fabric of four grades and 12 kinds.

These are use to mean a machine to enable weaving thread into cloth.



Towel Power & Shuttle Less Looms
The Power & shuttle looms is the type of weaving loom which uses a shuttle which contains a bobbin of filling yarn that appears through a hole situated in the side.

The shuttle is batted across the loom and during this process, it leaves a trail of the filling at the rate of about 110 to 225 picks per minute (ppm).



Circular & Warp Knitting
Circular knitting or knitting in the round is a form of knitting that creates a seamless tube. When knitting circularly, the knitting is cast on and the circle of stitches is joined. Knitting is worked in rounds in a spiral.

Warp knitting machines with parallel & weft insertion respectively and machines producing in different manners warp knits out of webs or are applied for bonding fed surfaces.
The products are extremely strong warp knits with high square measures.



Bleaching & Dyeing Process
In Bleaching process we make the fabric or yarn look brighter and whiter. This is achieved by oxidizing or reducing the coloring matters in to colorless form.

In Dyeing process we adding color to textile products like fibers, yarns, and fabrics.



Quality Inspection
Preliminary inspection is done at the start of production when first production output of particular style of fabric / towel is inspected to distinguish possible discrepancies or variation & to do necessary corrections to be made bulk production.
Stiching process
Central Textile Inc has our own, custom designed stitching unit to cater to our needs. The stitching floor is covered in ceramic tiles to ensure total cleanliness. The machinery includes three long hemming Gibraldi Machines with Pegasus for auto chain lock stitching; forty Juki stitching machines of various types and range.


pressing & packing
The process of pressing and packing in textile is the baling machine which is used for compressing cloth, towel, rags, fibers and other textiles in
to the bales.
finished goods & shipment
After container arrives to our facility our team inspect container in side and out side to insure that container is in good condition to avoid any inconvenience.



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